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God changes darkness into light, and shines healing into human lives.

It makes me a little sad to take the Christmas decorations down. Since the mornings are still so dark, I like to keep some of the Christmas lights up, to dispel the darkness.

Maybe you sang "I saw three ships" last month, a carol about Epiphany, the three Kings, or Magi. Epiphany, 6th January, is about encountering God. Encountering God leaves no one unchanged.

The Magi searched long and travelled far to find God. When they found Jesus, they bowed down and worshipped him. They unwrapped all before the Crib, offering all. They unwrapped the preciousness of Gold, the priestliness of Frankincense and the sadness and pain of Myrrh at the Crib.

People of faith today also find God in worship. Like the Magi, we too are invited to unwrap the good and precious things of our lives before him. What Golden things might you offer to Jesus?

We are invited to unwrap the things that help us to meet with God, that make worship possible. What Frankincense things might you offer to Jesus?

We are also invited to unwrap the sad, the painful, the doubts. Could we offer such Myrrh things before the Crib? I think so. Jesus accepts us as we are, faith and lack of faith, joy and sadness, fullness and emptiness, fruitful and fruitless.

May God help each of us to encounter Jesus in our lives, so that he can change darkness into light, and use our gifts to bring his healing light into the lives of those around us.



We are situated by the crossroads right at the heart of Stotfold. We extend a warm welcome to everyone, whether local residents or those 'just passing through'.

The present building was built in 1869 and still serves the local community.

Our Sunday morning services usually take place at 10am, although a couple in the month start at 9.30am. Check on the 'Sunday Worship' page to make sure.

One of our monthly services is based around the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

See the 'Sunday Worship' page for details of our Services.


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John writes: The true light, which enlightens everyone, was coming into the world.